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03 Teaching

Currently I teach three undergraduate classes and supervise Master's and PhD students at the University of Hong Kong.

GEOG1012: Economic and Social Development in an Urbanizing World

In this class we discuss and explore how processes of globalization and urbanization impact our daily life. We evaluate our rapidly changing world from the angles of trade, migration, development, environment, politics, inequality and many more.  

GEOG2128: Economic Geography

This class is an introduction to economic geography. It focuses on how technologies and technological change is shaping and reshaping the economic fortunes of regions and nations. We discuss how institutions, markets, agglomerations, networks and politics might impact these processes and structures. Why is the iPhone designed in Silicon Valley but manufactured in developing regions? Why do firms cluster in high-rent / high-costs cities?    

GEOG3426: Social Networks and Geography
Social sciences are the study of relationships and these relationships can be represented via networks. This is also true for the socio-economic interactions studied in the geography discipline. This course focuses on the theories, applications and tools in social network analysis. It covers the basics of graph analysis, fundamental network models, diffusion processes of ideas, knowledge and information, and the contagion of diseases across space. In network analysis, theories and the quantitative methods are often entwined. This class will focus primarily on the substantive concepts of social network analysis but will also provide an introduction to the quantitative methods and measures commonly used in the field of geography. These methods are tools for students’ future academic and professional careers.

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