02 Research

Under Review

  • Van der Wouden, F. & H. Youn, “Impact of geographical distance on acquiring know-how through scientific collaboration”

Working Papers

  • Van der Wouden, F. & H. Youn & G. Carnabuci, “Adjacent Possible: explaining technological evolution using long-run patent data”

  • Cortinovis, N. & F. van der Wouden, “Learning in a Creative Industry”

  • Painter, D. & F. van der Wouden, M. Laubichler and H. Youn, “Quantifying Simultaneous Innovation in Evolutionary Medicine  

  • Van der Wouden, F., “What Mechanisms Structure Tie-Formation among U.S. Inventors: Empirical Evidence from U.S. Patents between 1836-1975”

  • Van Niftrik, C.H.B. & F. van der Wouden, “Outcome Prediction Modeling in Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage using Machine Learning Techniques”